Su-25UB Ground Attack Aircraft

The Su-25UB aircraft is a two-seater training version of the Su-25 single-seater armoured subsonic attack aircraft. It is designed to train pilots, however, like the single-seater option, can perform the tasks of directly supporting ground forces over the battlefield day and night with direct target visibility, as well as destroying objects with specified coordinates 24 hours a day under any weather conditions.

The development of the Su-25 aircraft began in the mid-1960s, when the military doctrines of the United States and the USSR changed dramatically - if the superpowers had previously planned to use nuclear weapons even for tactical purposes, the troops were now tasked with successful combat and conventional weapons.

At the request of the military in March 1969, a competition of projects was organized – four Design Bureau (DB) took part in it. After the Sukhoi DB won the competition the general view of the attack aircraft was approved in 1972, and the first flight took place in 1975. The Su-25 was adopted in 1981. During the fighting in the DRA in 1979-1989 it received the nickname "Grach" from the pilots of the USSR Air Force.


At the same time, the development of a training and combat version of the aircraft was under way. In total, about 1300 Su-25 aircraft were produced, which were produced at Tbilisi (plant No. 33, JSC Tbilaviamsheni) and Ulan-Uden Aviation Plant.

Su-25UB, like Su-25, is developed according to the standard high-wing airplane scheme. The wing has a trapezoidal shape with a small sweep, is equipped with a powerful and reliable mechanization consisting of flaps, ailerons, leading edge flap and airbrakes - this makes the aircraft very maneuverable. The aircraft has two engines, which are located in nacelles below the wings, at the point where the wing and fuselage are connected. Air intakes are not adjustable with oblique inlet. Tail assembly has a single-fin tail unit.


The aircraft is equipped with a drag parachute. The main difference between Su-25UB and Su-25 is the cabin - double instead of single. Like the Su-25, the Su-25UB can be equipped with a powerful weapon complex - air guns, aerial bombs of various calibre and purpose, guided and unguided air-to-ground missiles, guided air-to-air missiles.


Due to the armoured cabin made of titanium, reliable engines and rational armouring system, the aircraft has a unique tolerance to battle damages.