Mig-27 fighter-bomber


The MiG-27 is a third-generation Soviet supersonic fighter-bomber with a variable sweep wing, designed to strike moving and stationary ground and air targets. It can carry tactical nuclear weapons.

The emergence of this aircraft is primarily associated with a change in the attitude of the military towards fighter-bombers. Experience of their application has shown that in order to solve the main task of hitting ground targets of the enemy, they still need additional fighters or to rebuff the enemy aircraft it is necessary to get rid of the bomb load. And if so, the attack aircraft’s flight speed can be significantly limited and the control of the power plant can be simplified accordingly.

Having fully analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the fighter bombers that existed at that time, engineers of the design bureau of Mikoyan and Gurevich ("MiG" Design Bureau) concluded that the most rational in terms of value for money option of creating a new strike aircraft will be the adaptation of the latest MiG-23 fighter aircraft to solve strike tasks. After numerous changes in order to optimize for strikes against ground targets, including the changes of the dismantled system of controlled supersonic air intakes, chassis changes, installation of the new sighting and navigation system, the MiG-23BN modification was born.

The first MiG-23BM took off on 17 November, 1972. After official passing into service in 1974, the aircraft was given a new name - MiG-27.

The aircraft was in service with the USSR/Russia, Bulgaria, GDR, Czechoslovakia Czech Republic, Cuba, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Kazakhstan, India, Sri Lanka and has been manufactured at U-UAP since 1974.

During production, the aircraft design was modified to improve characteristics and performance.

MiG-27 combat is the project which was widely used for many years. The aircraft attracted pilots for its ease of control, good maneuverability and dynamics. It had a powerful engine, developed supersonic speed, had good technical performance and flight characteristics. This machine proved itself on the battlefield many times and has long been a flagship in its class.  A lot of pilots spoke positively about this reliable aircraft, about its combat might and firepower. Thanks to the sweptback wing design, the MiG-27 could perform any complex and simple aerobatic maneuvers.

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