Mi-8T Utility Helicopter

Mi-8T helicopter is one of the most popular modifications of the world-famous Mi-8 helicopter.  It is the most massive twin-engine helicopter in the world – in total more than 12 thousand helicopters of all modifications have been built.  The helicopter is used in more than 50 countries to perform many civil and military missions.

Mi-8T helicopter is a classic single-rotor helicopter with 5-blade main and 3-blade tail steering rotors. The fuselage of the helicopter is a full-metal semi-monocoque variable section with a smooth covering.

The Mi-8T was developed by the Mil Design Bureau under the leadership of Chief Designer Mikhail Mil - the new helicopter was designed to replace the already proven Mi-4 helicopter. Development of the helicopter began in the second half of the 1950's.


The first prototype of the helicopter Mi-8 (B-8) flew into the air on July 9, 1961 – it had one turbo propeller engine AI-24. The second prototype of the Mi-8A (B-8A) – September 17, 1962 – had already two turboshaft engines TV2-117, which were installed on serial machines. The Mi-8T helicopter was put into mass production in 1965.

The modernization of the Mi-8 helicopter, which was completed in 1980, led to the creation of an enhanced version of this machine – Mi-8MT (product "88", when exported – Mi-171), which is distinguished by an improved power plant (2 TV3-117 engines) and the presence of auxiliary power plant.

Thanks to its technical and flight characteristics, as well as its unsurpassed reliability and ease of maintenance, the Mi-8 helicopter has earned its undisputed reputation among many Air Forces of the world – despite its rich history, today it is used in flights no less.


Thanks to good speed and technical characteristics, as well as a huge design backlog of upgrades throughout the service life - and nowadays as well – its modification and modernization are carried out very actively. In general, according to the aggregate of characteristics and merits, the Mi-8 helicopter is one of the most popular and massive aircraft in the history of aviation and occupies an honorable place in our aviation industry.




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