Military tranport helicopter Mi-171Sh (ver. "VN")

The Mi-171Sh (ver "VN") is a cutting edge military transport helicopter of the Mi-171 family. The technical configuration of the modernized helicopter was formed taking into account the experience of combat use of helicopters by the Russian Ministry of Defense in combat operations in Syria and the North Caucasus.

Special feature of Mi-171Sh (ver "VN") helicopter is its versatility. The aircraft is used for transport/troop-carrying purposes, search and rescue, patrolling, and as a strike helicopter.

One of the key features of the Mi-171Sh (ver "VN") helicopter is the presence of a new rotor system, comprising composite rotor blades with improved profile and X-shaped tail rotor, as well as the presence of upgraded fuselage elements. Due to these design solutions, the efficiency of the helicopter has significantly increased in many parameters. The helicopter has an increased flight speed (up to 250 km/h at cruise speed and up to 280 km/h at the maximum one), increased flight range, increased load capacity up to 5,000 kg on external sling. The maximum take-off weight of the helicopter has increased to 13,500 kg.

In terms of various parameters (from 15% to 35%) the efficiency of the helicopter in high-mountain areas has increased due to improved altitude capacity index, yaw stability, agility and climbing capability. The static ceiling has increased to 4,500 m.

The helicopter is ideal for night operations. The Mi-171Sh (ver "VN") is adapted use of night vision glasses. All lighting equipment is dual-range, allowing operating in covert mode. Besides, due to the X-shaped tail rotor, the noise level is reduced by more than 30%, which increases the efficiency of night operations.


The Mi-171Sh (ver "VN") helicopter is equipped with a modern IBKV-17 Integrated On-Board System, made on the "Glass Cockpit" principle, which includes 4 high-resolution wide-format indicators, which allow to combine all necessary information about the flight, as well as to ensure effective targeting of guided missile weapons from ОPS-24N-1L Target Sight System. Additionally, an ILS-S Head-Up Display to show information on windshield is built into the suite.

The Mi-171Sh (ver "VN")’s protection system includes: President-S Airborne Protection Suite, passive jamming system, IR suppressors. It is fitted with cermet armor to protect vital helicopter systems and crew. Also, an aramid (Kevlar) removable armor protection can be installed in the cargo cabin closing its floor and helicopter sides at the windows level to protect the personnel.

The Mi-171Sh (ver "VN") is equipped with an improved weapon system, which includes: cannon armament, unguided missiles, bombs of various calibers, guided missiles. For the first time, 12.7 mm fixed heavy machine guns are installed (on trusses), as well as in the right sliding door opening. The helicopter is capable to make targeting adjustment maneuver automatically during combat operations.

For troop insertion, not only standard insertion systems are installed, but also special synthetic ropes, which allow both insertion and extraction during hovering.

The Mi-171Sh (ver "VN")  helicopter has improved life indices of main components (blade life is increased by 4.5 times) and reduced labor input of major assemblies maintenance.


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