The Mi-171Sh (ver. "V") is an upgraded version of Mi-171Sh  military combat helicopter, representing a unique combination of a transport and combat helicopter that has missile, gun, bombing, small arms, as well as modern high-efficiency protection systems and complexes.

The Mi-171Sh (ver. "V") is an effective means of completing tasks during 24-hour operation in a variety of climatic conditions, including, in high-mountain and tropical climates, in areas with increased concentration of dust and sand in the air, in the Far North, during flights over land and sea.  The helicopter can be operated within outside temperature from minus 50°С to plus 50°С and at relative humidity up to 100%.

The composition of weapons and protection means from attack allow the Mi-171Sh (ver. "V") to perform combat missions of various complexities, transporting troops and cargo, SAR, etc.

The Mi-171Sh (ver. "V") can be configured in the following versions (with appropriate optional equipment installed):

• Combat with weapons: Troops transportation and insertion, fire support, destruction of enemy personnel, destruction of mobile and fixed targets, escort of military convoys, reconnaissance, use of a wide range of weapons and protection systems);

• Transport: transportation (up to 4,000 kg of cargo inside the cargo cabin, up to 4,000 kg of cargo on external sling, up to 37 troopers with full in full munitions and armament, wheeled vehicles), use of a wide range of transport equipment (cargo winches, mooring equipment, ramp, etc.);

• Combat search and rescue (CSAR): day-and-night search missions, personnel evacuation from a combat area and enemy’s rear, transportation of up to 12 casualties on stretchers, first aid, use of a wide range of special equipment (winches, searchlight, medical equipment, etc.);

Additionally, the Mi-8AMTSh-V is capable to be used for:

• Territory patrolling: day-and-night patrolling, quick delivery and insertion of assault teams, convey detainees to base, use of wide range of special equipment (FLIR, IR-searchlight, NVG, loudspeaker system, etc.);

• Civil works: Transportation of civilian cargo and passengers, search and rescue operations, humanitarian missions, fire fighting, medical work, territory monitoring.

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