Mi-171SH Military transport helicopter


Mi-171Sh helicopter is a modernized military transport helicopter belonging to the new generation of multifunctional military helicopters. Mi-171Sh helicopter is the basis of a renewed fleet of helicopters of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and is also widely used in various regions of the world (CIS countries, South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and NATO countries).


The helicopter has missiles, cannons, bombs, rifles, as well as modern high-performance systems and protection complexes. Mi-171Sh helicopters have a successful experience in conflicts.

Mi-171Sh helicopter is designed for round-the-clock operation in a variety of climatic conditions - including high mountain and tropical climates, areas with increased concentration of dust and sand in the air, in the Far North, during flights over the land and sea. Helicopter can be operated at ambient air temperatures from -50 ° С to 50 ° С and relative humidity up to 100%.

The Mi-171Sh helicopter is an effective means for combat and anti-terrorist operations. The composition of weapons and protection systems allows the Mi-171Sh helicopter to carry out combat operations of various complexity, transportation of paratroopers and cargo, search and rescue operations, etc.

Mi-171Sh helicopter (if the appropriate optional equipment is installed) can be used for:

- Transportation and insertion of up to 37 paratroopers fully equipped and armed;

- Transportation of up to 12 wounded on stretchers accompanied by medical personnel or 4 wounded on stretchers with 2 medical modules;

- Carriage of cargoes of up to 4000 kg in the cargo cabin;

- Carriage of up to 4000 kg on external sling;

- Highly effective destruction of armoured vehicles, surface targets, firing points, enemy manpower in hideouts and other moving and stationary targets;

- Suppression of resistance centers immediately before troopers insertion;

- Intelligence operations;

- Patrolling;

- Search and rescue operations;

- Fire-fighting operations.


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